StartupTip #1
"You are an entrepreneur when YOU decide to be one."

StartupTip #2
"It's not about IDEAS; it's about making ideas HAPPEN."

StartupTip #3
"You try, you fail. You try, you fail. You try, you fail. But the only failure is when you stop trying; So try again."

StartupTip #4
"Jump curves, make a meaning, change the culture, heal soles, liberate and empower."

StartupTip #5
"Solve small problems and hope that many people have the same problem that you are solving."

StartupTip #6
"Fear is an important asset ONLY if you pursue to face and challenge it."

StartupTip #7
"The benefits of change must outweigh the costs of change and the benefits of staying the same."

StartupTip #8
"Celebrate failure as much as you would success; NEVER separate and treat the two outcome any differently."

StartupTip #9
"You have the right to create your own sets of rule; just as long as you will be bold enough to one day BREAK them."

StartupTip #10
"Always believe in something; Never give up."